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Silky Katanaboy 500mm Saw

One of the largest folding saws on the market today.


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Translated into English, Katana means the curved, single-edge sword used by Samurai, their weapon of choice. In tree talk, we simply say “man-powered chain saw"


This beefy, two-handed folding saw is one of the biggest in its class, and one of the largest folding saw on the market today. With its nonslip, rubberized grip and taper-ground, impulse-hardened 19-inch blade, you’ll make mincemeat out of any firewood-sized limb that says differently.

More Info
Weight: 920 Grams
Other: Sharpenable Teeth
Made in: Japan
Blade Length: 500mm/19.7" / 2mm Thickness
Teeth Per 30mm: 5 Extra Large Teeth
Saw Code No: 403-50
Application: Forestry